It’s been a while….

Well.  It’s been a while since I wrote on my last blog. Well, to be honest I miss writing. Some say that you can try to analyze yourself through writing. But, some also say that it’s just a waste of time. But, hey… who cares ’bout what people say? (Well, I do, sometimes…) ^^

I told my students to write in a blog few days ago. I tried to encourage them to write a journal frequently. Not that I want to force them but I think it’s good for them to improve their skills related to English. But not only that, I find that writing can sharpen your mind and help you to cope with your personal problem. If you don’t buy it, that’s fine. But once you do it, you’ll see that it works well.  Just let the words come out. Pour the thought out of the pot. Unleash your imagination.

Gee… Guess I’m getting overwhelming now. \(^^)/
Just write. And you can  see who you really are and what you really want.