Here we go again..

First of all I’d like to apologize to all of my writing class students, for not keeping my promise checking their blogs on wednesday,.I was kinda occupied at that time. I hope you all guys can understand *wink*

So.. I have read all the blogs, but unfortunately I cannot give comments on some blogs, and don’t ask me why, cuz frankly speaking, I have no idea, maybe you can ask Wen  about it. So for those whose blog hasn’t been commented yet by me, please, do something with your blog okay?

Well… it’s been a long holiday, but a dull one for me. I don’t really like holiday when it comes with no activity. Boring. No memorable stories. Just want to get rid of it soon.

So, can’t hardly wait to get back to campus and meet you again guys! hahaha… (which i believe that you don’t agree with me, I know how students love holidays.. especially a long one ^_^) 


Enjoy the rest of your holiday, cuz your next assignments are on the way…. fufufufufu… ^_^


One thought on “Here we go again..

  1. firstly,
    minal aidzin wal faidzin mam,
    forgive my mistakes.,.
    and I’ll do too ^^

    where is my comment?
    I’d repaired mu blog and it’s already receive your comment.,.
    I’m waiting for it mam,

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