After watching a Beauty Pageant in TV at a glance, I found out that I need to write something about this. This whole thing about the concept of beauty really bothers my mind.

Frankly speaking, I don’t really fancy that kind of competition. A kind of competition where all girls should line up, be heavily made up and be forced to smile and put their hands on their waist for hours while all people are judging, cheering and booing them at the same time.

I know on and on again they stated that it’s not only about beauty which is considered, but also the inner beauty; referring to intelligence and behavior. But, somehow we have to admit that those contestants have fair skin, thick hair, good body posture, and excellent arrangement of teeth.

The Beauty Pageant is always supported by a company which sells lipstick and stuff. Women should be aware that it was made to shape the society’s concept of beauty. Being intelligent and well-behaved are not enough, you have to be what-they-call-as-beautiful, just like the winner of the beauty pageant. When you’re beautiful but you’re not intelligent, you’re still forgiven, moreover you still can survive. But when you’re not intelligent let alone you’re not considered to be beautiful, you won’t be able to compete in this modern era. That’s what I think is implied from the Beauty Pageant.

I’m not saying that women should stop wearing make-ups. Fyi, I usually wear lipstick and eyeliner. I’m just saying that Beauty is not a thing which is appropriate to be scored in a competition. Women should define their own beauty. They shouldn’t let others define beauty for them. We can have different concepts of beauty. But, what I think is that all women in the world were born beautiful. God only creates the best, there’s no typo or rejected products.

Beauty is in the soul and it’s created by The Almighty. The artificial beauty is made by human, and it gives women nothing more than a temporary satisfaction.

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